Generating Revenue. Solving Public Health.

The Concept

Simply Unique

We help businesses increase their sales by displaying their ads to their targeted customers in world’s best locations.
We do this by capitalising on public health disHANDfection devices.
Public Health Matters.

Targeted Advertisement

8 seconds ads directly to your target audience.

High-Tech Platforms

Beautifully designed and fully customisable devices.

Eco-Friendly solutions

disHANDfection with an Alcohol-Free Sanitiser.

All About Customer’s Experience & Safety

Public health plaftorms

Pick your fully customisable disHANDfection device.


Flawless and slick design.

SaniDeluxe V2

Avertisement focused.


The Game Changer.

All About Revenue Generation

Generate Revenue Like A Beast

Our platforms are the greatest physical advertisement platform ever. Period. We bring world’s finest ads in front of targeted users for an impressive 8 seconds of unconditional direct attention.


All About Sustainability

Alcohol-Free Sanitizer Powered by Canam Aqualution

99,99% efficiency against bacteria & viruses.
This is the highest-performing disinfectant & antiseptic you will ever use, by far. It results in a dramatic cut of soap, paper and water consumption — a significant cost-saving ally.


Data Collection & Management

The best way to know who are your customers, where they are and what they want.

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